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Business Valuation: How Investors Determine the Value of Your Business

What is Business Valuation? Business valuation entails the methods of determining the economic value of a company. Before investors conduct a valuation of your firm, they will check its brand, markets, products and history. These items are then translated into monetary value. Business valuation provides important information to investors, creditors,...

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Taxes You Need to Know About When Selling Your Business in 2022

After performing a business valuation, the next step is considering your tax bill. It is important to look at the task aspects to gain more skillfully. Paying fewer taxes means you will sell your business at a profit. Note that you will also be taxed from the profits after selling...

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What are Intangible Assets and How to Appraise Them

When performing asset appraisal for your business, consider intangible assets. Intangible assets include copyrights, equities, securities, contracts, goodwill, franchises, and trademarks. They are different from the physical assets such as land, which provide value, privileges and rights to the proprietor. Intangible assets lack intrinsic value and physical existence. More often,...

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What is 409A Valuation & How it Works for Startups

409A is an independent process that is performed during startup valuation. According to IRS rules, 409A valuation must be done by a third-party professional. It is often conducted at the fair market value of a business. During a startup valuation, 409A sets the appraisal price for contractors, advisors, employees and...

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How Remote Work is Affecting Business Valuation

COVID-19 pandemic has impacted more on the rise in the concept of remote work or Working From Home (WFH). Due to the high risk of contracting the disease, working from home has become necessary. The situation has brought comfort to employees working from home. However, there have been challenges in...

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business valuation

Shareholder Equity or Debt – How Much These Impact Business Value?

Every growing company needs capital to keep its operations going. When companies start to scale, they need more investment to hire more employees, get advanced machinery, scale the production, add new products, and more. In short, they need more investment to expand the business operations to improve the business valuation....

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Startup Valuation

How To Define The Worth Of A Startup

Defining the worth of a business startup is not a complex procedure. When determining the worth of a business, an appraiser calculates the market value of a venture. Determining the worth of a startup entails looking at its assets, income, and share market. Here are the methods of defining the...

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8 Valuation Tips Before Taking Your Business Public

For those of you who do not know, taking your business public means selling your company in the form of public shares. A previously privately owned company undertakes the appropriate IPO and the transaction becomes complete. However, you need your business valuation if you want to go public. Business Appraisal:...

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Why We Need Startup Valuation and How to Do It

Startup valuation is vital for investor fundraising and proper projection for the selling price of your business equities. At the initial stages of running your business, you may not have sufficient capital for daily company operations, procuring goods and services or paying your team. However, you can solve this problem...

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Business Asset Appraisal Reasons

8 Reasons To Get Your Business Assets Appraisal

Assets Appraisal for business is a must these days and we will tell you why? Business valuation and asset appraisal can be a tricky process. With hundreds of external and internal influencing factors, the actual value of your business may remain unclear. Wiley Financial can help determine an accurate asset...

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Construction trucks set

5 Tips Before You Get a Construction Equipment Appraisal

A large chunk of operational costs of running a construction company is the purchase of heavy construction equipment. When it comes to disposing of your construction equipment, you need to sell it at the demand value; otherwise, your equipment will sell at a scrap value. However, it is complex to...

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know about business valuation for small business

7 Things to Know About Business Valuation for Small Business

There are a handful of common reasons why a business owner needs to do their business valuation.  Some common examples are; looking to sell; looking to merge or acquire another company, needing financing or investors, possible tax purposes, and possible for divorce proceedings. Each valuation will be determined by the...

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5 Benefits Of Getting a Business Valuation

A business valuation provides the business owner with multiple facts and figures regarding the actual worth or value of the company in terms of market competition, asset values, and income values If you have not had an assessment of your business’ value over the course of the last twelve months,...

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Benefits of Business Valuation


THE IMPORTANCE OF BUSINESS VALUATION Business owners spend considerable time and energy trying to enhance company value by developing growth plans with well-defined goals.  These plans are designed to maximize value over time, but it’s hard to achieve those goals without knowing where to begin. Not only do owners need...

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Key Reminders for Extension Filers

Here are some Key Reminders for Extension Filers

Here are some Key Reminders for Extension Filers October 15 is fast approaching. That’s the last day to file for most people who requested an extension for their 2020 tax return. These taxpayers can file any time on or before Friday, October 15 if they have all their required tax-related...

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How to File to Get the Most PPP Money?

How to File to Get the Most PPP Money? How to File to Get the Most PPP Money? If you are looking at how to file to get the most PPP money between  filing as a Sole Prop vs. an S-Corp, C-Corp, B-Corp, LLC, or Nonprofit, I can help. The...

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The Benefit of Secondary Lenders

The Benefit of Secondary Lenders PPP Applications Round 2 Today, I’m going to be talking about the very  confusing second round of PPP applications and the benefit of secondary lenders. Let’s discuss who qualifies, who doesn’t, and what it all means.  The first round of PPP was open to everybody. ...

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Child Tax Credit – Will it Go Beyond This Year?

Child Tax Credit – Will it Go Beyond This Year ? Child Tax Credit – Will it Go Beyond This Year? Let’s talk the child tax credit. As of now, the child tax credit  expansion only applies to this year. Now, that does have the possibility of changing in the...

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