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What Is a Good Book Value of a Company?

When you are a company, there are different ways to assess your worth, and each is used differently to determine the company’s worth. For example, while shareholders are interested in a high market value, investors are keen on the book value of a company along with other factors to assess...

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Business Valuation in Las Vegas

The Impact of the Economic Climate on Business Valuation

Market and economic conditions change every day. Economic climate refers to a country’s economic conditions, including its ability to produce goods, services, and jobs. In the business world, everything is interconnected, and any change in economic conditions affects a business’s prospects. If you are planning a business valuation in Las...

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How To Ensure an Accurate Business Appraiser?

Although local accountants and investment banking firms can conduct a business appraisal, it is prudent to consult a reputable appraiser. Wiley Financial has been an Arizona business appraiser for over 20 years. We can help you determine the accurate company’s value. Things to consider when choosing a business appraiser Certification...

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business appraisal in Phoenix, AZ

How Often Should You Have Your Business Re-Valued?

A business appraisal can help you revalue your business for different reasons. But how often should your business be re-valued? Simple answer: annually. However, certain conditions, such as industry dynamics, can warrant frequent valuation. You can reach Wiley Financial for business appraisal in Phoenix, AZ if you need your business re-valued....

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business valuation for startup in arizona

Why Does a Startup Need Business Valuation Services?

Business valuation in Arizona is a crucial step for startups seeking capital to accelerate their service provision. This article examines the importance of business valuation, methods, and limitations. So, let’s get into it. Why is startup valuation important? A startup can only develop its concepts when it has enough capital....

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Business valuation matters in Houston

How to Solve Business Valuation Matters When A Company is Liquidating

Are you liquidating your company and need a business valuation in Houston? Wiley Financial is a leading business valuation company that helps companies under liquidation determine their fair market value. This article provides solutions to challenges that arise when evaluating a liquidating company. What is company liquidation? Liquidation is the formal process...

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Fundamentals of Functional Business Valuation

Fundamentals of Functional Business Valuation in Phoenix

If you are looking for business valuation in Phoenix, contact us. Wiley Financial is a leadingevaluator with decades of experience. This article looks at the fundamentals of functionalbusiness valuation. What is a functional business valuation? Functional business valuation is the allocation of value to a company. It is done for...

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5 Simple Steps to Valuing Your Small Business in Scottsdale

Are you looking for business valuation in Scottsdale? Well, Wiley Financial can help you identify your small business value. In this article, we highlight steps to value a small business. Let’s dive in. What is a business valuation? Business valuation is the process of determining a business value. It is...

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Business Valuation Services in San Diego

Business Valuation: How Investors Determine the Value of Your Business

What is Business Valuation? Business valuation entails the methods of determining the economic value of a company. Before investors conduct a valuation of your firm, they will check its brand, markets, products and history. These items are then translated into monetary value.  Business valuation in San Diego provides important information...

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Taxes You Need to Know About When Selling Your Business in 2022

After performing a business valuation, the next step is considering your tax bill. It is important to look at the task aspects to gain more skillfully. Paying fewer taxes means you will sell your business at a profit. Note that you will also be taxed from the profits after selling...

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What are Intangible Assets and How to Appraise Them

When performing asset appraisal for your business, consider intangible assets. Intangible assets include copyrights, equities, securities, contracts, goodwill, franchises, and trademarks. They are different from the physical assets such as land, which provide value, privileges and rights to the proprietor. Intangible assets lack intrinsic value and physical existence. More often,...

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What is 409A Valuation & How it Works for Startups

409A is an independent process that is performed during startup valuation. According to IRS rules, 409A valuation must be done by a third-party professional. It is often conducted at the fair market value of a business. During a startup valuation, 409A sets the appraisal price for contractors, advisors, employees and...

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How Remote Work is Affecting Business Valuation

COVID-19 pandemic has impacted more on the rise in the concept of remote work or Working From Home (WFH). Due to the high risk of contracting the disease, working from home has become necessary. The situation has brought comfort to employees working from home. However, there have been challenges in...

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