Arizona Business Appraiser

If you plan on transacting on a property in AZ, consider hiring a professional Arizona business appraiser. An appraiser will assess your tangible and intangible property before determining its worth. Conducting business appraisals in Arizona is essential for your company valuation, partnership disputes, tax planning and other office-related solutions. Performing an appraisal is a sure way to gauge your company’s value. Wiley Financial uses industry comparisons, physical review and financial analysis to appraise your business fairly and accurately.

Furthermore, Wiley Financial is a Certified Business Appraiser with Certification in Entity and Intangible Valuations. You will get your business appraisals in Arizona through fair market value, liquidation value or capitalization of your earnings. The fair market value considers the cost of tangible and intangible assets in an open market through a willing seller-buyer policy. When using the liquidation method, an appraiser assumes that your business has stalled; therefore, assets must be sold instantly. Capitalization aims to determine your business’s current value based on the calculated future earnings.

Do You Need a Business Appraiser in Arizona?

Several situations might make it necessary for you to contact a business appraiser. Before selling or buying a company, you need an appraisal to find the firm’s actual value. There is a need to find your company’s value when a shareholder leaves the firm through a buy-sell phenomenon. The appraiser will value the property before you either buy or sell it. At some point, you might have business disputes with your partners. At this point, you need a business appraiser. Disputes may also arise due to a divorce case affecting your business property. When a disaster or an accident occurs, there will be business damages. You will need an appraiser to assess the extent of the damaged assets for insurance claims. If your company is bankrupt, you will need an appraisal to find the value of your business. In addition, you can seek a business appraisal whenever you need it for personal reasons. Wiley Financial is certified and has extensive experience conducting business appraisals in Arizona.

Cost of Hiring Arizona Business Appraiser

The appraisal cost will vary depending on the circumstances and the nature of your business. Most business appraisers work on either a fixed amount for the entire appraisal or an hourly basis. The biggest cost determinants are the number of your assets, the complexity, and the size of your business. Get an upfront estimate and the minimum valuation level from the appraiser for a smooth operation. If you want to reduce costs, opt for an oral rather than a written report. The most important thing is the final word from your appraiser.

A verbal report allows you to bargain or get a written report on credit. Most professionals that The American Society of Appraisers accredits have rates from $50 to $500 on an oral report. An oral appraisal report typically takes around two to five hours to complete. Furthermore, the appraiser may take about two hours to explain the appraisal to your client.

However, a written report is more expensive. It will cost you about $1,500 to $5,000. The costs depend on your circumstance and the state you are in. Your appraiser will take about 20 to 60 hours to complete the task. However, appraisal charges for litigation are much higher because of documentation and testimony.

Types of Business Appraisals in Arizona

Before performing the valuation of your business, identify your company’s industry. Arizona business appraisers specialize in different fields or industries. Depending on the assets of your business, you will contact a certified machinery and equipment appraiser (CMEA) or a business qualified appraiser. Equipment appraisal provides estimates of forced liquidation, orderly liquidation, and fair market value. These estimates are important for the unique purposes of appraising your equipment and other assets. A qualified appraisal is required if you appraise your business for tax purposes. The IRS sets strict rules that your appraiser must follow. These processes are mostly rigorous and require high accuracy. Qualified appraisals are conducted by qualified appraisers using valuation analysis before issuing the corresponding reports. Wiley Financial is certified to offer all these types of appraisals in Arizona and other regions.

How to Select a Business Appraiser

The nature of your project will determine the professional appraiser to choose. However, most valuation companies offer general appraisals. Define your project with a clear ownership interest, work schedule, and valuation date. Depending on your task, you can contact a Certified Business Appraiser or a Certified Valuation Analyst. After defining the scope of your work, select an appraiser with significant experience. If the assignment involves complex analysis, consider hiring an appraiser with the best business practice. Contracting an appraiser with good reviews and excellent records is recommended. In addition, ensure that your potential appraiser upholds the highest professional and ethical standards. When engaging your appraiser, ask and answer questions for clarity and understanding of the possible constraints. During the interview with your appraiser, perform due diligence and interpret the qualitative responses correctly. When you factor all of the above into your business valuation you will be sure to get the results you need. You can expect the best business valuation when you choose Wiley Financial as your Arizona business appraiser. Contact us today to learn more.