Business valuation for small businesses

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Welcome to Wiley Financial, one of the leading business valuation companies in the USA. We are a recognized industry brand with more than 20 years of experience. We offer business valuation to many companies annually, enabling them to get a fair deal. We will ensure to meet your valuation needs.

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Types of Business Valuation

Business valuation for small businesses

Startup Valuation

We offer valuation services to startups in different industries. Whether yours is an advisory firm, biomedical, or restaurant startup, we got you sorted. We use various resources and tools to ensure you get the accurate value of your startup.

As a startup, it is crucial to understand where your business fits in the industry and its projected future growth. With the proper value of your company, you’ll attract investors seamlessly, enabling you to penetrate the market quickly. Wiley Financial is a startup valuation company with over 20 years of valuating startups.

We use methods that guarantee a fair market value, such as Berkus, comparison, discounted cash flow (DFC), market multiple, and book value. They consider all aspects that may influence the value of a startup. If you need your startup valued, feel free to contact us.

Private Company Valuation

Wiley Financial is a leading private company valuator. We have valued private companies in Texas, Dallas, Las Vegas, and other cities. Thanks to our longevity in the industry, we help you identify guideline companies, enabling you to make decisions that will facilitate growth.

Our services cover numerous types of businesses and span different industries. Our valuation approaches and methods will ensure you get a fair market value for your company. These methods include first Chicago, discounted cash flow (DCF), and comparable company analysis (CCA). We choose which to use depending on the scope of your valuation.

Our process

Information Gathering

First, we will want to know why you want a business valuation. We’ll also need the size and nature of your business and industry. It helps us choose the most appropriate methods and approaches so that you can get the actual value of your business.

Price Quotation

Once we know the nature of your business and the need for valuation, we will send you a price quote and an estimation of how long it will take. However, there might be changes during the process, so this is not the final price quotation and time estimate. As such, we recommend you be compatible with sporadic minute changes.

Business valuation process

The signing of an Engagement Agreement

We will then send you an engagement agreement that you are to sign. It happens after you ascertain that the information you have provided about your business is factual. With the engagement agreement signed, we can move on with the business valuation.

Business Valuation

Before we can start valuating your business, we require financial and tax statements for five years. If yours is a startup, we need projections. It’s the base of valuation. You’ll also fill out a questionnaire about your business.

Armed with the financial and tax return statements and the questionnaire, we will analyze the data and make adjustments where needed. Depending on the type of business and scope of the valuation, we will use different methods and approaches (market, income, and asset approaches).


After weeks or months of valuating your firm, we will provide you with a report. You are free to discuss the results with us and seek clarification. The report will be in PDF form and presented once you clear the balance.

Why Business Valuation

Provides a Baseline

A business valuation will help you know areas you need to improve and those you are already performing seamlessly. Generally, your company’s value will change depending on the market conditions. With a baseline, you have solid evidence of whether your business is doing well or not.

Roadmap to the Future

As the saying goes, you will know where to go if you know where you are. Valuations help you understand your current position, enabling you to develop strategies to improve. For example, it might indicate the need for better technology or hiring new talent. Likewise, it might show you expenses that you can do without.

Measure of Progress

Every business has its goals, and the best indicator that you are achieving or not achieving your goals is a business valuation report. Regular valuations will indicate whether you are on course with your set goals. And as such, you can make better management decisions.

Gaps Identifier

Wiley Financial provides comprehensive valuations, utilizing key performance indicators that drive the value of your business. We examine infrastructure, management structure, technology, and others to identify improvement areas.

Facilitates Accountability

Once you identify the gaps, you are more likely to set goals and a path to achieve them. Essentially, you are making yourself and your team accountable for these goals. However, ensure the goals are measurable so you can better manage them.

Benefits of Business Valuation

Understanding of Company Resale Value

When you want to sell your business, you need to know the resale value so you don’t sell at a loss. By understanding the value of your business today, you can know what steps to take to increase its value 5 or 10 years from now. You can have the upper hand during a negotiation process with a resale value.

Better Bargaining Power

When pitching your business to potential buyers, you should show them your company’s value. A business valuation report can show the growth pattern and future growth. It enables you to have a higher bargaining power during a negotiation.

Knowing Company Assets

Business valuation also helps you know the assets your company owns. Generally, business owners generalize their assets, not giving an actual value. It often causes them to sell the business at a loss. A Business valuation considers all assets (tangible and intangible), enabling you to get an excellent value for your company.

Access to Funding

Business valuation allows access to funding from banks and investors. Both parties require to know the value of a company. The valuation report shows the fair market value of a business, enabling the investor to gauge the deal’s profitability. Likewise, banks will use the information to calculate your credit score.

Why Wiley Financial

Well, why should you trust us with your valuation needs?


We have over two decades of experience in valuating businesses. We have valuated companies in the hospitality, healthcare, financial, and other industries. Working with many companies lets us know which resources and tools to use with each valuation.


Wiley Financial is an accredited business valuation company, meeting requirements stipulated by the governing body. Our team is a pool of accredited valuators, accountants, and financial consultants.


Professionalism is our utmost goal. We strive to work with qualified experts in each field. It ensures you get nothing but professional services. From the onboarding phase to the valuation itself, you’ll work hand in hand with experts in their field. All the accreditations we have are a testament to our professionalism.

Timely Services

At Wiley Financial, we will give you an estimate of how long the valuation will take. It ensures you are on the same page so that in case of disruption, there’ll be room for adjustment. Depending on the business type, size, and scope of valuation, it can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months.

Different types of Valuation

We strive to offer different valuations. Industries do not limit us. We cater to the needs of various sectors. We will offer tailored services for you in the tech, healthcare, or food industry.

Customer Care

Don’t understand something? Feel free to reach us via social media, email, or call. We are eager to answer any query.


We use industry-standard technology to conduct a business valuation. Our team undergoes rigorous training to utilize these tools’ power. You will therefore get credible results at the end of the valuation process.

Are you looking for professional business valuation services? Well, Wiley Financial is a leading business valuator in the USA. We can help valuate your business or asset so you can get a fair deal. You can reach us via email or social media or give us a call to book a consultation.