Business appraisal for small businesses

Business Appraisal Services by Wiley Financial

Business appraisal is the process of determining the economic value of a business or asset. Our team uses different resources, tools, and data points to provide the accurate value of a business. We engage the client from the beginning to the end, ensuring we meet your appraisal needs.

Our Appraisal Services

Business appraisal for small businesses

Restaurant Appraisal

The restaurant sphere has changed in recent decades, with most restaurants offering fast food and takeaway services. Besides, restaurants are also leaning towards franchises. These trends have made appraising restaurants challenging.

As such, not many are cut for this industry. Wiley Financial provides professional restaurant appraisal services in line with the current trends. Having experienced the industry transitions, we know which approaches to use when evaluating restaurants across different cities.

Machinery & Equipment Appraisal

Wiley Financial has conducted many machinery & equipment appraisals, ranging from medical, franchise, printing, agriculture, etc. Machinery & equipment are an integral part of any business. Appraising them can help place a value, allowing you to utilize the equipment better.

Wiley Financial has helped companies utilize their machines profitably thanks to our reputation in this area. We have also helped firms sell equipment at a profit after years of use due to our accurate appraisals. If you need to appraise your company’s machinery and equipment, you can call or email us, and we will be glad to serve you.

Asset Appraisal

Wiley Financial will hold your hand in whatever asset you need appraised, ensuring you get the most accurate assessment. We conduct thorough inspections against predetermined terms and conditions. We also allow customized assessment so you can know the nitty gritty of the asset you want to buy or sell.

We offer asset appraisal in different medical, food, healthcare, and finance industries. We consider factors such as location, age, condition, design, and market conditions so you can get the actual worth of the asset. Consult Wiley Financial for thorough asset appraisal services.

Why Wiley Financial


We use a variety of technologies so we can determine the actual value of your business, asset, or restaurant. We utilize software such as Oracle, Sage, Peachtree, and others. They not only make our process more straightforward but also transparent to the client. In the end, you’ll know the value of your business before making a sale.


Wiley Financial has more than 20 years of experience in business appraisal. Our team undergoes thorough vetting, ensuring we only work with the brightest minds. Besides, they undergo intensive onboarding and training so they can work within our company’s cultures. Thanks to our in-depth training, you can rest assured of professionalism when working with us.


Unlike most appraisal companies, we offer business appraisal services in many counties. We got you sorted whether you are in Texas, Las Vegas, Utah, or Arizona. Our team ensures every client, regardless of the location, gets access to our top-notch services. Our headquarters are in San Diego, California.


We are a favorite for many companies, thanks to the quality of our services. We strive to offer industry-standard services ensuring appraisals are accurate. Besides, we conduct a thorough inspection of business or assets based on our quality control process. It enables you to use the appraisal report in court when seeking funding and taxation issues.


Wiley Financial is an accredited business appraisal company. We have met all the requirements, which has led to our accreditation. While we do not appraise all businesses, the ones we are legally bound to appraise, we do it with utmost dedication.


Wiley Financial has a vast pool of trained and certified professionals. When joining our company, they undergo rigorous vetting, ensuring we only hire the best. It translates to faster and more professional services, a boon to our clients.

Customer service

Our team of experts is on standby to answer your queries. We also welcome your suggestions and compliments.

Do you want experts to appraise your business or assets? Why not give us a call today? We offer professional services tailored to meet your needs. Reach out to us, and book a consultation.

Our Process

Gathering of Information

First, we will need basic information about your business. We will also require the reason behind the valuation. It will allow us to choose the most appropriate valuation approach and come up with an estimated price. We also need to know the size and industry of your business. Different industries use different appraisal approaches.

Price Quotation

We can send you a price quote with the relevant information about your business. This price is subject to review in case of future adjustments. We will also include the estimated duration depending on the business type and the appraisal’s purpose. As you’d expect, the time estimate may change in case of hiccups during the process.

business appraisal process

Agreement Signing

If you are comfortable with the fees, we will send you an agreement statement, which you need to sign. It is during this stage that you need to pay the retainer fee. It indicates that you are willing to commit to the journey. It also shows that the business or asset information is factual.

Reviewing Historic Data

To form the basis of the appraisal, we need to understand the historical company performance. As such, we require financial statements, tax returns, corporate structure, and others. The data helps to make future projections so we can give an accurate value for your business.

We project aspects such as operating expenses, future revenues, taxes, cost of capital, and capital requirements. Finally, we make adjustments to fit the current market conditions.

Business Appraisal

After getting the company’s historical data, we can conduct a business appraisal efficiently. We consider all assets (tangible and intangible) and liabilities. It is in a bid to determine the economic value of your company. It might take longer or shorter depending on the business dynamics.


Finally, we will give an appraisal report. If you wish, we can discuss the results so you can have a better understanding. The report comes in PDF and is only accessible once you pay the balance. You can use it for sales, legal or business acquisition purposes.

Benefits of Business appraisal

Why should you have your business appraised? Here are the reasons.

business appraisal benefits

Helps Obtain Finances

Financial institutions like banks will require a business valuation to facilitate a loan. A business valuation provides the bank with the fair market value of your business, allowing you to take a loan. Most banks will take a conservative approach when evaluating a company.

At Wiley Financial, we strive to take this approach, especially if the valuation’s purpose is to secure funding. You can quickly secure a loan with your financial statements and other requirements.

Helps Resolve Disputes

A business appraisal will also help resolve partner disputes. It is especially true when different entities or individuals own it. For example, in case of breach of contract or deficient services, owners and shareholders might fall into disagreements.

A business appraisal report is required to solve these disputes. It gives the accurate value of a company allowing for a smooth buyout.

Prepares a Company to Go Public

When a company wants to go public, the value of its stock needs to be known. If the public is unaware of the price, the IPO will be a flop. Wiley Financial will use different methods and approaches to appraise the business to get the IPO value. It is this information that allows for an IPO roadshow.

It is where investors test the offer or IPO. A roadshow is ideal for the success of the IPO. And with a successful IPO comes a high company valuation. Targeted investors and mechanisms will influence the IPO.

Enables Seamless Acquisition

A business must know its value if it wants to acquire another company. Likewise, a business that wants to sell its operation will need a fair market value to attract potential investors. Your firm will find the most appropriate business to sell to and the best company to merge with.

It helps know your Company's Performance

It is the primary benefit of a business appraisal. Knowing your company’s performance helps; you make improvements and cut expenses, increasing its value. Wiley Financial needs the financial statements for the last five years to determine a company’s performance. It helps identify growth patterns and other business trends.

If you need business appraisal services, feel free to contact Wiley Financial. We offer services in different counties and industries. Therefore, call us and book a consultation if you want your restaurant or asset appraised.