Stimulus Checks & Unemployment Benefits

Stimulus Checks & Unemployment Benefits – Info & Updates

It is time for an update around PPP loans, stimulus checks and unemployment benefits. In order to keep you in the know, Lindsay Wiley provides a quick breakdown. Watch the video above or click here to watch the video on our YouTube channel.

Stimulus Checks Update

I want to go through the new stimulus check. So that’s $1,400, but it’s based on your taxable income from 2019 and it’s your taxable income individually. Even if you combine them as a couple, individually it has to be $75,000 or less. If it is, you’ll get a check. If it’s not, you’re not getting checks. So they’ll take it as a partnership, if you’re married, filing jointly, they’ll take the joint amount, $75,000, obviously times two. And then if your taxable income is as that, then you’ll each get your stimulus check. And that will also include the same benefits as you did for the kids.

Unemployment Benefits Update

On top of that as well, unemployment is going to be pushed back to September 6th now. So you’ll get  unemployment benefits up through September 6th and then will continue with the $300 a week towards that, which is great.

So on the max, at least I know in California, our max, you can get is 750 a week, which is in … it’s California, it still sucks. But anyway, but that’s the max you can get. I wanted to go over those things with people, because I know how confusing all of these things are.

PPP Update – Net vs. Gross

If you filed your PPP application loan to try to get more PPP between January 6th and  February 23rd, call your lender if you haven’t gotten your money. Because I know I haven’t and that’s when I filed. Because, they were basing mine on my net.

I called my lender back and said, “Hey look, you guys authorized this amount based on my net income on my schedule C, I actually want it to be gross.” So they’ve gone back to SBA and to their lenders and said, can we calculate it now based on gross. So make that phone call, if you think they calculated your loan amount based on your net income versus your gross, and you haven’t been paid yet. And if you have been paid, still call your lender and see if you can apply on a gross income side of it and see if you can’t get the difference of the two.

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